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XMPP-based chat


ZMR is a management platform for dental health clinics. Despite being a web application, ZMR strives to incorporate all the best and most advanced features of desktop solutions. And our Polcode team was in charge of making this happen.
The ZMR app was written in PHP, but still reflects many of the most current web application development trends. Its wealth of features include: comprehensive patient data management, appointment planning, room scheduling, calendars, a finance module, the ability to create and send company documents, the ability to manage team members, tasks and access levels, an insurance company import/export module, the ability to view the patient’s teeth diagnosis as well as an internal communication module.

The nature of the application required us to come up with a way for different browsers to communicate with each other while viewing the same resource. Some sections consist of blocks of forms. Each form can be edited individually, but there had to be a way to keep more than one person from editing the same one simultaneously. To solve this problem, we used the relatively new WebSocket technology that makes it possible for the publishing unit and subscribers to communicate continuously. Another iteration improved the system with a live preview feature – any update is displayed instantly in all browsers the moment it is added to the database.