Symfony 2


UpStudy is an online learning platform that makes it much easier for students to prepare for all sorts of exams and assessments. It does so by streamlining the time management of the entire studying process as well as providing a system of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to keep them motivated. Polcode has accompanied UpStudy from the very beginning of its development work, helping to develop various elements on both the server and client side.

The work of the Polcode team included the design and implementation of the dashboard and sign-up process as well as all the core features of the platform. Thanks to our efforts, UpStudy provides their users with quizzes, challenges, exam practices, the ability to collect points and rewards, calendars, class timetables, exam schedules and access to study resources. The platform also features modern and intuitive navigation, customizable views, a search engine and the ability to set time limits.

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