We developed part of the patient registration system for medical practices, allowing staff to give patient an iPad to fill the forms, send them to the server to be further reviewed and processed by the staff, allowing also the patient to read materials regarding medical subjects they are interested in.
The system consists of four major parts: iPad application, web-based UI for staff, educational portal and server-side app responsible for storing the data and granting access to it. The whole process, due to law requirements, was quite complex, and the data security levels have been significantly higher than usual.

The main functionalities were:
– iPad app: allowing to fill the forms chosen by the staff member, then allowing to browse the educational portal using web views built-in into the app,
– dashboard: allowing staff to see recent encounters along with initial patient data and status of an encounter, see filled forms, export them to PDF/CSV/ etc. or transfer them for further processing; had responsive design,
– educational portal: showing personalized content to the patient, allowing the patient to read recent magazines and have access to the content provided by affiliated publishers,
– server: providing API for the iPad app and dashboard, saving important access logs, enabling staff to interact with the data,
– additional parts of the whole system, such as centralized logging & deployment tools etc.
The server-side code (dashboard, educational portal and server) were written using Django and WordPress, implementing RESTful API schemes, with responsive HTML5 UI design based on Twitter Bootstrap & LESS CSS.

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