Zend Framework 2


Scandlearn is a company from the online training industry. They design virtual and classroom based professional courses where users can study and increase their knowledge in the fields of aviation, business and digital media. Scandlearn’s business model has already proved successful, as their services have been chosen by over 400 companies around the globe, including such players as SAAB, BMW or InselAir, which want to offer their employees and prospective clients reliable, efficient development and learning programmes.

Polcode have written a considerable part of this service. We were responsible for programming modules to create new courses and to import/export courses from external files, whilst the report generating functionality, which shows a user’s progress, was significantly improved by adding test results. Additionally, PayPal integration was added along with the certificate creation tool. The front-end part displaying the system admin panel was coded by Polcode’s dev team as well. Scandlearn received a product that fully met the required specifications, which resulted in the project’s outcome satisfying both the client and our team at Polcode.