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Service marketplace, all-in-one collaboration tool, and secure invoicing system all under one roof. This hybrid platform was designed to help businesses of all sizes achieve marketing excellence. You can collaborate easily by using a team based communication, file sharing and task-oriented objectives. The app provides extremely intuitive tools to post projects, review proposals and hire the best providers that will change clients ideas into reality. In the marketplace, businesses are able to tell the marketing industry what kind of help they need on their next marketing project. It allows the business user to spend more time focusing on the points that will get them better services, rather than conducting a drawn out search and dealing with the woes of negotiating a solid deal.

The inherent benefits are brought out by the competitive bidding process, where potentially dozens to hundreds of qualified marketing service providers and consultants will be eager to start a new working relationship. After the (very easy) leg work of establishing that relationship, the new project kicks off into a collaboration stage where users can share files, communicate, and post tasks easily. Invoicing is also made easier, safer, and more efficient with certified class 1 PCI compliant payment services. From the desk view, a user is able to see the status of everything they’re currently working on. In our slightly biased opinion, it beats out having a desk full of paper, or having to log into 3 or 4 different sites just to get a simple task done.