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It has been our goal for quite a while to make our growing collection of books on web development, eCommerce and a variety of other topics available to every Polcode employee. With five offices in Poland, we needed a way to organize the process of loaning books in an orderly fashion. At the same time, we wanted to give our employees the ability to easily add items and create collections online. The web application we have created achieves all of these goals and provides our employees with a splendid user experience.

To facilitate management, it introduces three user roles: super admin – to manage users in all organizations; admin – to manage all users within one organization; and user – with the ability to borrow and search for books. When the user borrows a book, the admin schedules it to be sent on the next possible occasion and the app tracks the entire process to make sure that the current status of each book as well as the number of copies available to the remaining users is up-to-date.


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