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One Step Checkout module

Designer Wallpapers

This project required a lot of very careful coding and design. It involved building a completely customized warehouse system in the admin panel created from scratch. A new shipping module was developed especially for the store, where the shipping rates calculating factors were modified: weight and size of the product (the default Magento table rate extension) were substituted by providers of the product in the cart, the quantity of the product, and the location. Only a couple of existing Magento modules (One Step Checkout, SagePay, Full Page Cache) were used in the project.

We were responsible for creating custom reports in the admin panel, JavaScript cart, and custom form to simplify the Magento-esque process of adding products to the cart: a shipping calculator, merging simple products into configurable ones (SEO optimization). The warehouse system is very large and complex, with such functionalities as an automatic way of placing orders to suppliers, creating pdf files, supporting backorders etc.