Bootstrap 3


Beeup is a service that allows to create online business trainings, based on real life situations. The application includes a system for creating courses, quizzes and a CMS as well. Our work in the project included programming new modules and new design implementation with one of the most interesting new features being gamification. Here users can be rewarded experience points for, among others, posting replies, adding posts on forums or inviting new users to the service. Depending on the gathered experience points users can advance, and their skill levels are shown on their profiles. Moreover, in Beeup you can get badges for acquired skills or learned methodologies while working on case studies.

The statistics module with clear data graphical visualisation is also noteworthy, as with it you can easily track a user’s learning progress and changes in activity. Tracking a user’s behaviour is an interesting supplement as well, and was implemented whilst the service was still in the testing phase to offer a coach-like simulation. The created bot automatically carried out evaluations of a user’s activity and entered content. Our collaboration with Beeup bore fruit in the form of a top-notch, one-of-a-kind website that has met all of our client’s expectations.

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