Appetize is a go-to place for enterprise point-of-sale hardware and software. Be it for sports and entertainment, education or leisure, Appetize provides easy to use and highly customizable hardware solutions and applications that manage the entire process and facilitate mobile payments. With 350 major venues worldwide that use their solutions amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue per year, Appetize is a robust POS payment platform trusted by a great number of leading operators in the world.
Polcode joined Appetize at the time of its rapid growth. It presented a grand challenge to modify the existing ecosystem in order to efficiently accommodate the influx of new users. The Polcode team developed a revamped version of the inventory system as well as an API to facilitate changes to the mobile apps. Further improvements included server-side order processing and changes to the administration app to simplify management processes. Polcode’s contribution helped to ensure that the spectacular success of Appetize would not compromise the efficiency and convenience of its app ecosystem for both customers and employees.