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January 15 2018

How Machine Learning Will Shape the Future of eLearning

What Is Machine Learning? Machine learning and artificial intelligence are related concepts but different at their cores. Machine learning is a branch of AI, which deals with building algorithms and selecting models designed to provide outcomes based on data fed to the machine. The [...]

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December 29 2017

8 Biggest Web Design Trends for 2018 eCommerce

#1 Voice User Interfaces Most of us use Voice User Interfaces (VUI), such as Siri, Cortana, OK Google, or Amazon’s Alexa, to interact with devices for simple tasks, but in the upcoming years, we can expect this technology to conquer the eCommerce scene. VUI is a useful tool allowing [...]

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December 23 2017

What’s Next for the Web?—Google Developer Days Europe

Let’s see some of the new stuff Google prepared for our browsers. The Rise of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Progressive web apps dominated the GDD’s part devoted to web development. And no wonder, PWAs adapt to the conditions of a user’s device and internet connection to provide the best [...]

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