Magento 2 hackathon

April 6 2018

International Hackathon 2018: Improving Magento 2

Magento’s Collective Approach to Innovation The power of Magento lies in the passion of developers and e-commerce enthusiasts involved in working on that robust, open-source software. Driven by the need for innovation and a strong sense of community, Magento’s core architects decided to [...]

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February 16 2018

Why We Can Do More For You With Symfony 4

Symfony 4—What’s New? Symfony 4 showed up with the intention to change the way apps are developed. And from the developer’s perspective, lots of the new features indeed make a difference when building web apps in Symfony 4. Major changes are: different directory structure, task [...]

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December 1 2017

Why Code Review Is Crucial to Software Development

The Role of Code Review in IT Projects The main goal of code review is to check the code for bugs, but it’s not its sole scope. Code review helps keep IT projects organized and streamlined. The more efficient the code review, the higher the quality of the developed software. If the [...]

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