HR Technical Advisors

April 13 2018

How HR Technical Advisors Help Build a Strong Software House

HR Technical Advisors—Fortifying the HR Department HR Technical Advisors help the HR staff with the technical part of the recruitment process. They are responsible for: specification of technical requirements creation and update of recruitment questions preparation and review [...]

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February 23 2018

How Recruitment Process Works in IT Company

Which of those tools and methods are really worth using? What should you take into account when planning recruitment processes? And how should business expectations be matched with those of candidates? At Polcode, the answers to the above depend on four factors: Recruiter's [...]

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February 1 2018

Why Company Values Matter to a Software House

What Are Company Values? Company values are a set of behaviors. If they aren’t clearly defined, individual employees involuntarily match their behaviors to the group’s. As a result, everyone in a company has similar attitude to projects, clients etc. On the other hand, it’s difficult to [...]

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