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Our company was founded in 2006 by a group of ambitious folks that just couldn’t picture their life without programming.

We coded apps in PHP, gradually increasing the size of our team and opening more and more offices in various parts of Poland. In the meantime, we fell in love with eCommerce and Magento, made friends with Ruby on Rails and further polished our knowledge of PHP technologies and

frameworks. Since the very beginning we were developing projects for clients from abroad, quickly earning their trust. Today, we are still the very same group of passionate programmers we were 10 years ago. There are just more of us, and we don’t plan to stop growing.

wojciech hyzopski


When co-founding Polcode, I had one goal in mind—to let extraordinary developers work on challenging projects. Craving innovation and the global IT market, our passionate bunch grew to become a team of over 150 experienced professionals. A team that never stopped loving the gist of it: coding.

małgorzata pająk

Management Board Member

Even though many factors determine the quality of deployed software, the participation of experienced specialists is the foundation of every successful project. That’s why when I think of software, I first see people and the heart they put into making it.


New Business Manager

Every day, Anna strives to develop and perfect sales processes at Polcode. As New Business Manager, she’s in charge of acquiring new clients and making sure that all of their needs and requirements are well understood by each member of the development team. She’s been working in the IT industry for most of her career, having previously acted as Account and Project Manager in both the corporate and startup environment. The diversity of projects delivered by Polcode allows her to fully benefit from all of her previous professional experiences and prepare an offer that results in a product which meets the highest of requirements. And when she’s not glued to her monitor, she eagerly learns new languages or engages herself in mountain sports.

Jerzy Zawadzki

Chief Technology Officer

I align technology with our clients’ needs, develop our Technological Pillars, and support clients on the strategy-technology front. You might see me on our social media profiles—commenting on tech trends and sharing my knowledge.

Dariusz Korzun

Sales Director

Performance and results are what I’m after. By efficiently managing resources and budgets, I help businesses grow and earn more. When I see potential in technological development, I never hesitate to seize it.


Senior Project Manager

I’m a firm believer in the Iron Triangle of Cost, Scope, and Time. Yet, these are people that I cherish the most. Every day, I bolster my emotional bond with the coffee machine. I’m a citizen of issue trackers, four-season cyclist, ice hockey player, and the best dad in the world.

Olga Kwiatos

Recruitment Specialist

In my professional and private life, people matter the most. People, too, are the main reason why I majored in business psychology and dedicated my career to HR. I believe that if you do your best, all your efforts will be doubly rewarded.

Joanna Sposób

Senior HR Specialist

I’ve been closely associated with the IT industry since the beginning of my career. Combining new technologies with creativity and emotions is what I value the most in my work. Still, my most important goal is matching the right employee with the right organization.

Kamil Chomka

Senior HR Specialist

I majored in sociology. During the third year of my studies, I got acquainted with HR. And that was it—I fell in love. When recruiting programmers, I combine my duties with passion for computers and latest technologies. I cycle and climb mountains whenever I can.