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Our company was founded in 2006 by a group of ambitious folks that just couldn’t picture their life without programming.

We coded apps in PHP, gradually increasing the size of our team and opening more and more offices in various parts of Poland. In the meantime, we fell in love with eCommerce and Magento, made friends with Ruby on Rails and further polished our knowledge of PHP technologies and

frameworks. Since the very beginning we were developing projects for clients from abroad, quickly earning their trust. Today, we are still the very same group of passionate programmers we were 10 years ago. There are just more of us, and we don’t plan to stop growing.

wojciech hyzopski


Polcode’s co-founder and CEO, Wojciech ensures that Polcode’s clients get to work with extraordinary developers. He cooperates with various partners and perfects Polcode’s offer so that it can meet all the needs of the market. In the past, Wojciech worked as a programmer, having risen through the ranks of the IT industry. He noticed the potential of Polish IT specialists, but at the same time understood that it takes more to succeed. Today, he strives to analyze the performance of his team from the perspective of the client and observes markets from afar so that he can keep tabs on all the available opportunities and effectively promote the quality of Polish programmers. Wojciech is also a passionate motorcyclist and SC2 fan. He’s yet to accept that he will never get to read all the books in the world. Therefore, he’s still trying.

magorzata pająk

Management Board Member

While the quality of software depends on many factors, skilled experts are the basis of every single project. As Polcode’s HR Manager, Małgorzata strives so that our customers don’t have the slightest reason to complain about our programmers. She values professionalism above anything else and that’s what she looks for in every job candidate. Thanks to her experience, intuition and individual approach to everyone, Małgorzata always manages to find the most fitting individuals and provide them with opportunities for further growth. Yoga and swimming are her favorite methods of relaxation. Sometimes she loves to skim through culinary books to further her passion for healthy eating.


New Business Manager

Every day, Anna strives to develop and perfect sales processes at Polcode. As New Business Manager, she’s in charge of acquiring new clients and making sure that all of their needs and requirements are well understood by each member of the development team. She’s been working in the IT industry for most of her career, having previously acted as Account and Project Manager in both the corporate and startup environment. The diversity of projects delivered by Polcode allows her to fully benefit from all of her previous professional experiences and prepare an offer that results in a product which meets the highest of requirements. And when she’s not glued to her monitor, she eagerly learns new languages or engages herself in mountain sports.


Project Manager

The software development process requires all individuals involved to meet the deadlines and understand the needs of the client. As Polcode’s Project Manager, Dominik not only keeps tabs on the schedule, but also takes care so that our programmers and less technical customers are on the same page. As Polcode’s projects are so diverse, it’s essential to be able to adapt to all kinds of circumstances. Dominik excels at it as he benefits from vast experience in various industries, including finance, accounting and sport. His diverse professional career includes large international corporations, small businesses and startups. He seems to have developed a very close relationship with… a coffee machine. At times when he doesn’t have to craft another spreadsheet, Dominik volunteers in various tech communities and watches hockey games.