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Ruby on Rails

Have an app idea?

Polcode’s Ruby on Rails (ROR) prowess includes advanced web app development. We are capable of developing from scratch, modifying existing systems and implementing ready-made solutions.


Need a dedicated solution?

Our PHP programmers develop highly sophisticated software on a daily basis. They are equally willing and able to modify existing systems and develop solutions from the ground up according to the client’s specification.


Are you into e-business?

Whether you can succeed in eCommerce depends on many factors. One of them is a professionally developed platform that works fast and provides clients with a comfortable shopping experience.


Featured Projects

Keine Zeit Fuer Sport’s Workout Creator

Business need: Make an existing fitness website more attractive and competitive by extending its functionality with a new user-friendly module specified by the client. What we did: Produced and implemented an application that generates training plans.


Business need: Build a C&C eCommerce platform allowing users to buy, sell, or trade in their motorcycles and cars in an easy and fast way. Develop a tailor-made product due to the absence of available turnkey solutions corresponding to the precise business idea of the client What we did: Designed and implemented from scratch a service marketplace platform, including: Multistep ordering system allowing users to manage user accounts and add all necessary details about vehicles, vehicle delivery, and payment Custom form creator for the administrator Modified WooCommerce plugin to add CPT sales status option Additional log-in/ registration option for WooCommerce account via Facebook Functional database with an SSL server certificate.

African Managers

African Managers is a project addressed to managers and entrepreneurs from Africa. It offers a series of practical and easily accessible tools for studying and self-development.


Jrrny is an innovative application packed with interesting information and relevant tips on traveling all around the world. All articles featured on the website are written by its users—open-minded people hungry for adventures with their heads full of remarkable ideas—who are eager to share their own experiences with other travelers, helping them to start their own journeys.

Artists Everywhere

It’s a unique social media site dedicated to artists and sportspeople that seek employment and career opportunities. The app is integrated with a number of popular social sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Pinterest.
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Polcode has been with us since earlier this year helping to develop the platform. They’ve done a fantastic job not just to exceed my expectations with code quality, but with overall understanding of the Yeager Community project.

Joe Reed

Yeager Properties

What distinguishes Polcode from other providers? Pro-activeness from the project manager, great attitude, and supportive developers. It has been wonderful working together so far.

Sagar Chandna
CTO, EXP Group

Sagar Chandna

CTO, EXP Group

I love working with these guys! Polcode was always the go-to company for me and Olek, Adam and Wiktor are extremely dependable with their feedback and suggestions. Great ability to quickly change directions on a project when presented with new information and displays a great attribute of skillfully moving around obstacles as they present themselves!

Samuel Quek


I was worried about the distance as we are based in Hong Kong, but it was very pleasant and easy to work with the team and they were able to guide us through all our questions and requests promptly. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Jo Rushdy


I was in need for a good developer team which is able to support me in my visions. There are just a few companies that combine the words qualified, communicative, personal. However, Polcode takes this combination to another level. Every conversation – starting with the first meeting – has been pleasant, upfront and productive. I have rarely seen a team with such enthusiasm and focus. Developers replying to questions as fast and well as possible is the basic. The skilled team of Polcode, however, is also asking a lot of questions and want a lot of feedback to work as detail-orientated as possible. You can tell that their team is deeply involved in your project to realize it as good as possible. In my eyes, this is true enthusiasm. For every future web project, I have in mind Polcode is going to be my first option.

Justin Schmitz