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Ruby on Rails

Have an app idea?

Polcode’s Ruby on Rails (ROR) prowess includes advanced web app development. We are capable of developing from scratch, modifying existing systems and implementing ready-made solutions.


Need a dedicated solution?

Our PHP programmers develop highly sophisticated software on a daily basis. They are equally willing and able to modify existing systems and develop solutions from the ground up according to the client’s specification.


Are you into e-business?

Whether you can succeed in eCommerce depends on many factors. One of them is a professionally developed platform that works fast and provides clients with a comfortable shopping experience.


Featured Projects

African Managers

African Managers is a project addressed to managers and entrepreneurs from Africa. It offers a series of practical and easily accessible tools for studying and self-development.


Jrrny is an innovative application packed with interesting information and relevant tips on traveling all around the world. All articles featured on the website are written by its users—open-minded people hungry for adventures with their heads full of remarkable ideas—who are eager to share their own experiences with other travelers, helping them to start their own journeys.

Artists Everywhere

It’s a unique social media site dedicated to artists and sportspeople that seek employment and career opportunities. The app is integrated with a number of popular social sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Pinterest.

Panty Postman

If you're shopping for knickers, Panty Postman is your go-to place. The platform claims to take the hassle out of shopping for knickers.

Easton Cycling

Easton Cycling is a producer of high-end equipment for all forms of bicycling. Our client wanted to enrich the e-commerce capabilities of the website with complete technical details and product reviews.
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Polcode is a very trustworthy business partner who understand your needs and concerns. They hava a broad team of highly skilled programmers and webdevelopers who can help you with all your needs. I believe this to be a great advantage. They are also reasonable priced and it is weasy to communicate directly with your programmer via Skype. I would therefore recommend Polcode for your Magento project.

Hubert Jansen

Interbaden BV

Our company, NexGen RxMarketing, has been working with PolCode for over the past two years to build and maintain of large number of our client-facing website portals. Their excellent knowledge, great attention to detail and valued input regarding various custom functionality updates have aided in keeping our websites on track as we have grown our business. I feel confident in recommending PolCode’s professional web development services. They not only do excellent coding work, but they are also very easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss the best approaches to website development.

Krister Hammar

Product Director
 at NexGen RxMarketing

We have worked with Polcode for over a year now and can honestly say it has been a pleasure. We have found all of your staff to be the most qualified, knowledgeable and detail oriented of any we have worked with. We really appreciate the work you did up front finding capable people, it has saved us dozens of hiring hours and hundreds of project management hours. Each developer became a big part of our decision and planning team along with their coding responsibilities. We worked with 3 different developers over time and every one had extensive technical knowledge of the more technical areas we needed.

Paul Fowler


Finding a good IT company is extremely difficult. We had “kissed a lot of IT frogs” before we found our “IT prince”. Polcode are different. They are upfront, are willing to say what is possible within a budget and what is not, and most importantly, they are trustworthy. They have delivered a tailored and bespoke website for us very cost effectively. I recommend that you use Polcode. They have given ongoing support to resolve any outstanding issues and to fix any bugs that inevitably occur when a site goes live. It’s a relief to be able to leave all those “IT frogs” on their silicon lily-pads!

Paul Mander-O’Beirne

Managing Director at Bike Leasing Company Ltd.

We have worked with Polcode for almost 4 years to outsource many of our web and application development needs. Compared to other outsourced developers we’ve worked with, Polcode has skilled and knowledeable PHP developers that work hard and care about their clients. We would happily recommend Polcode if you are looking to outsource development labour overseas.

Paul Shiffman

SAV Technology