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Magento 2 hackathon

Kwiecień 6 2018

International Hackathon 2018: Improving Magento 2

Magento’s Collective Approach to Innovation The power of Magento lies in the passion of developers and e-commerce enthusiasts involved in working on that robust, open-source software. Driven by the need for innovation and a strong sense of community, Magento’s core architects decided to [...]

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Grudzień 8 2017

Polcode at SpreadIT 2017

What Is SpreadIT? SpreadIT is a free one-day conference tackling a variety of IT matters. Programmers from around Poland come to Gliwice each year to share their development knowledge and promote best development practices. This year’s edition was split into three different thematic [...]

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Październik 20 2017

Polcode at Frontend-Con 2017—Our Take on the Conference

Wojtek is currently developing his ReactJS skills so most of the lectures he attended during Frontend-Con 2017 were revolving around this subject. Vasyl, on the other hand, is mastering his Angular knowledge, thus naturally choosing lectures tackling Angular. But in between getting to know [...]

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